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Advantages of Having Fire Alarm Systems

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By: Shilonie E. Adoptante

The fire alarm system is a set of devices designed to warn and help people through visual and audio appliances when an emergency occurs. Such alarms are triggered when a certain heat or smoke is detected. They may also be activated manually like pull stations.

But what are the advantages of installing a fire alarm system?

  • Prompt alert

Most of fire incidents happen during night time or in a room where no one may be in at the time. Fire alarms warn people both visually and using audible sound in case someone is asleep when a fire break out. The sound that the alarm emits can wake people given that during a fire, inhaling smoke can cause a deeper sleep. It also gives an early warning so people can escape before the fire becomes out of control.

  • Location preferences

The flexibility to place the alarms according to your choice is another advantage of fire alarms. Although there are certain areas to avoid, you still have the choices for where to mount the units.

  • Immediate control of a developing fire

Fire sprinklers, which is a part of the fire alarm systems, respond quickly when a certain heat was reached. It controls a developing fire quickly that it puts out fire before a fire department arrives.

  • Reduces risk of damage

Fire alarm systems when functioning properly reduces damage to properties, may it be at home or business. The fire sprinkler system puts out fire by sprinkling water directly on the burning thing to prevent it from spreading to its surrounding.

  • Saves lives

Fire alarm systems notify people immediately giving enough time to escape out of the building. Time is the most crucial thing during a fire. Fire alarm systems allow people to use that very limited time to save their lives.


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  1. Juris Ainsworth

    It was really nice how you said that one of the advantages of the fire alarm system was that the position can be decided by the owners and that it can be mounted and dismounted anytime they like. The reason why I liked the idea is that we’re not sure of the places that have a high risk of catching fire. We need to do a trial and error thing in order to figure out the best place to put it and it wouldn’t be nice if the system is non-removable. Thank you for sharing. It was really great!

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