Fire Alarm

Only WORKING fire alarm system can save lives

AA2000 is one of the FDAS  supplier in the Philippines. We offer safety solutions that secure people and property with some of the most innovative technology ever developed. From sophisticated life safety and security systems to cost-effective intelligent threat detection, all our products undergo rigorous scrutiny throughout their development to make sure they bring long-term value to every application… So it comes as no surprise that our solutions can be found maintaining secure environments in some of the  most important structures.
Our sales team will help with all your needs, providing advice and guidance as well as extremely competitive prices.

WE can provide affordable and best solutions to your Fire alarm requirement. We can provide discounted price for Contractors , Engineers and Integrator. We carry a full line of fire alarm panels for brands like Simplex,Notifier,Edwards, Orena, GFE,Cooper.

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  1. Norberto Magallones

    Inquiry for smoke detector Notifier bramd , how much per piece and availability of at least 10 pcs ,, this is an immediate requirement please.

  2. Josephine

    Hi May I know how much is the price of Simplex True alarm smoke detector per piece? and Heat detector as well.
    How about Pyrgard Smoke Detector? and Pyrgard heat detector if available.

  3. Maria Kassandra Cruz

    Hi do you offer (Notifier Brand),
    Conventional Detector Devices:
    *Optical Smoke Detector with Base.
    *Heat Detector with Base.
    *Multisensor(Optical+Heat)Detector with Base.

    Addressable Detector Devices
    *Optical Smoke Detector with Base.
    *Heat Detector with Base.
    *Multisensor(Optical+Heat)Detector with Base.

    Just send the price per unit to this email: so that I can present it to my boss and we could discuss. Thanks.

  4. Angelo Launio

    Hi Sir/Maam,

    May we request for your qutation for the following items below:

    1. Smoke Detector
    2. Heat Detector
    3. Manual Can Prints
    4. Horn w/ Strobe Light
    5. Carbon Monoxid Sensor, Honey-well, Fire-lite Alarm
    6. Digital Pressure Gauge UL Listed for LPG

  5. angelo enriquez

    good day,

    i just want to ask if we can use dry contacts on sfp 10ude notifier?
    we already bought 1 from your office. also, how can we use 24V DC from the battery?
    does it have an fire alarm and a hardware fault alarm?

    we just need to know how is the connection for sfp 10ude notifier. can you send a user manual we can use? kindly send it to . thanks

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