AIPHONE NEM/C Series Intercom System

AIPHONE NEM/C Series Intercom System

The Aiphone NEM series is a selective call open voice intercom system and is available with 10, 20, 30, and 40 call master stations in either hands-free or a handset style. In addition, optional 20 and 40 call add-ons are available expanding the system to a maximum of 120 stations which can be wall or desk mounted.

The sub stations and outdoor stations for tne Aiphone NEM system are available in surface or flush mount styles. Sub stations are available with or without privacy and outdoor station options include vandal proof and weather resistant features.

Incoming calls from a sub station are announced with an electronic tone and an LED, and remain activated until the call is answered at the master or reset at the calling location. The master responds to the call by selecting the LED lit button. At the sub station, communication is hands free. The master station is able to selectively call and speak with any sub station in the system. The privacy feature on selected sub stations prevents eavesdropping from the master station.


Product Description

  • Console master system with Lamp Memory, where call-in signal remains until answered.
  • Expandable system from 10 to 40 stations with a wide assortment of accessories to meet a variety of applications.
  • 20 and 40 call add-on selectors for expansion
  • Push to talk or handset communication at master, hands free at sub station.
  • Selective, Group or built-in All Call.
  • Built-in All Call
  • Group call up to 10 subs at a time
  • Optional background music – requires NB-U (max 40 stations) and 10W or 25V.
  • Dual master capability with NEW-5’s


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