Anson 8920

Product Features
Equipped with attendance software, can be configured through network
Built-in reader, support one-door unidirectional mode, connectable to one exit-button
Voltage dynamic and anti-shock protection for all input and output
Disassemble-protective alarm
Data storage in case of power failure ensures data security
Connectable to external electric lock/door bell/switch/remote output
Relay output, normal-on or normal-off options available
Door-open time configurable (within 99 seconds)
Low power consumption, environment protection design
Product Parameters Reading Mode EM card or EM compatible card
Reading Distance 5~15CM
Sensing Time <0.1s
Card Capacity 3500 cards
Door-open Mode password, card insertion, card insertion plus password
Working Voltage DC9~15V
Unlock Current ≤1000mA
Static Current ≤60mA
Working Current -10~55℃
Working Humidity 0~90%
Product Size 150*88*25mm
Color grey
Areas of Application Intelligent building, small size offices
Governmental offices, R&D institutes, Business buildings
Telecommunication base stations, non-attendance bank
 Intelligent residential areas, homes
Financial organizations, equipment rooms
Storages for valuable items

Product Description

ASI-8900 integrated access control series are widely applied for post and telegraph, telecom basement, auto-bank,home/office. The series adopt fashionable design and advanced international design ideology, moreover the low power consumption and environmental friendly design. Received wide recognition home and abroad.
Comparing  with the ordinary controller, it not only own all the functions of the controller, but also possesses built-in reader. It is very convenient to use and install, moreover it has special and elegant appearance .

This series are dedicated for one-door bidirectional entrance/exit. The product can connect the computer with Rs232 or through the 485 buses  to  form a powerful access control network and managed by Anson software. The software can support 10pcs 485 buses, and network distance is 1200m. It may also network with any other types of Anson TCP/IP  access controller or integrated access, sharing data and resource with them .Each controller can work independently even when the computer is powered off. It transfers data to computer when connected, and can off-line store all records and data.

The controller can prevent system deadlock and realize self-inspection. In case the device deadlocked, the system will recover automatically and return to the last correct setup. All the input and output are equipped with anti-thunder protection and can release heavy current and high voltage carried by the thunder, together with excellent anti-surge and anti-static functionality.

The controller adopts standard electric lock that are in compliance with international standard, It can also control the Electro-magnetic, Electronic Insertion Lock, Electric Strike, Electric Lock and so on. It can directly support the power off locking and unlocking mode by changing the relate parameters. The controller and reader adopt Wiegand protocol. It can access general reader fingerprint reader, recognition device, DNA identity detection devices and so on.


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