Hochiki FNP-LED Graphix LED Display


The FNP-LED system uses flexible, optic light guides to illuminate areas on a floor plan, laid over a high resolution grid. This unique system dispenses completely with wiring and enables indicators to be moved, removed or added onsite without the need for any wiring. All indicators can be configured to operate upon any event type and at point, zone or group level via the powerful and intuitive Loop Explorer configuartion tool. FNP-LED can be supplied with or without optional LED’s and controls. Optional LED’s indicate Power On, Fire, Trouble and Disablements and optional controls are for Alarm Silence, Buzzer Silence, Lamp Test, and Reset. Housed in an attractive, slimline enclosure to match FireNET Plus Fire Alarm Panels. High quality, full color floor plans provide a clear and geographical indication of event activation, which enables fast identification of the Fire Alarm source.

Product Description

Available in Red and Charcoal Gray • Available in 3 different size enclosures • LED’s comes in 3 different colors: Red, Green, or Yellow • FNP-LED can be easily upgraded onsite with minimal cost and effort

Operating Voltage 21- 30VDC Maximum Current 360mA Wire Size 12AWG to 22AWG Communication Method RS485 Max. Wiring Distance 3900ft. (1200m) Avalible Dimensions AM2: 14.50″W x 12.25″H x 3.50″D AM3: 14.50″W x 18.90″H x 4.25″D AM4: 14.50″W x 24.25″H x 4.25″D Color Red or Charcoal Material ABS/Steel Enclosure Max. LED’s AM2: 40 LEDs AM3: 72 LEDs AM4: 88 LEDs Operation Temperature 20°F (-6°C) to 120°F (49°C) Cabinet Lock Type CAT 30 Key


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