Globe Concealed Fire Sprinkler

Globe Concealed Fire Sprinkler

-See reverse side for Approvals and Specifications.

Temperature Ratings –
135°F (57°C) Sprinkler, 135°F (57°C) Cover Plate
155°F (68°C) Sprinkler, 135°F (57°C) Cover Plate
155°F (68°C) Sprinkler, 155°F (68°C) Cover Plate
175°F (79°C) Sprinkler, 155°F (68°C) Cover Plate
200°F (93°C) Sprinkler, 155°F (68°C) Cover Plate
-Water Working Pressure Rating – 175 psi (12 Bars)
-Factory tested hydrostatically to 500 psi (34 Bars)
-Maximum low temperature glass bulb rating is -67°F (-55°C)
-Frame – bronze Defl ector – brass Screw – brass
-Lodgement Wire – stainless steel Bulb seat – copper
-Spring – nickel alloy Seal – tefl on Drop Pin – stainless steel
-Bulb – glass with alcohol based solution, 3mm size
-Cover Plate – brass Upper Escutcheon Assembly – steel

Product Description

The Globe Quick Response GL Series Concealed Pendent Sprinkler is a low profile, aesthetically pleasing design. It provides sprinkler operation approximately six times faster than ordinary sprinklers and can be installed wherever standard concealed spray sprinklers are specified when allowed by the applicable standards. It offers the additional feature of greatly increased safety to life and should be used advisedly and under the direction of approving authorities having jurisdiction. The Sprinkler is available with 1/8″ adjustment and a low profile cover plate assembly. All that is seen at the ceiling is a 3-5/16″ diameter ceiling plate color finished to match the specifier’s exact requirements. The GL Series Concealed Sprinkler may be virtually invisible as it does not interrupt the “smooth flow” of the ceiling.

Globe’s Concealed Sprinkler utilizes its 3mm frangible glass ampule type sprinkler which is located above the ceiling and concealed from view by the ceiling plate. The ceiling plate is soldered to the sprinkler’s special upper support assembly in three places. Upon the application of sufficient heat, the plate falls to the floor exposing the quick response pendent spray sprinkler. At the ampule’s rated temperature, the sprinkler opens discharging water onto the floor in its required and approved distribution pattern. A special spring is attached to the pendent sprinkler deflector that serves to provide a constant tension against the ceiling plate


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