Notifier Conventional Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations

The  NOTIFIER  NBG-12  Series  is  a  cost-effective,   feature- packed series of non-coded  manual fire alarm pull stations. It was designed to meet multiple applications with the installer and end-user in mind. The NBG-12 Series features a variety of mod- els including single- and dual-action versions.

The NBG-12 Series provides an alarm initiating input signal to conventional  fire  alarm  control  panels  (FACPs)  such  as  the SFP Series,  and  to  XP  Transponders.  Its  innovative  design, durable construction,  and multiple mounting  options make the NBG-12 Series simple to install, maintain, and operate.



  • Aesthetically pleasing, highly visible design and color.
  • Attractive contoured shape and light textured finish.
  • Meets ADA 5 lb. maximum pull-force.
  • Meets UL 38, Standard for Manually Actuated Signaling Boxes.
  • Easily  operated  (single-  or dual-action,  model  dependent), yet designed to prevent false alarms when bumped, shaken,













or jarred.

  • PUSH IN/PULL DOWN handle latches in the down position to clearly indicate the station has been operated.
  • The  word  “ACTIVATED”  appears  on  top  of  the  handle  in bright yellow, further indicating operation of the station.
  • Operation handle features white arrows showing basic opera- tion direction for non-English-speaking  persons.
  • Braille text included on finger-hold area of operation handle and across top of handle.
  • Multiple hex- and key-lock models available.
  • U.S.  patented  hex-lock  needs  only  a  quarter-turn  to  lock/


  • Station can be opened for inspection and maintenance with- out initiating an alarm.
  • Product ID label viewable by simply opening the cover; label is made of a durable long-life material.
  • The words “NORMAL” and “ACTIVATED” are molded into the plastic adjacent to the alarm switch (located inside).
  • Four-position terminal strip molded into backplate.
  • Terminal strip includes Phillips combination-head captive 8/32 screws for easy connection to Initiating Device Circuit (IDC).
  • Terminal screws backed-out at factory and shipped ready to accept field wiring (up to 12 AWG/3.1 mm²).
  • Terminal numbers are molded into the backplate, eliminating the need for labels.
  • Switch contacts are normally open.
  • Can  be surface-mounted  (with  SB-10  or SB-I/O)  or semi- flush mounted. Semi-flush mount to a standard single-gang, double-gang, or 4″ (10.16 cm) square electrical box.
  • Backplate is large enough to overlap a single-gang backbox cutout by 1/2″ (1.27 cm).
  • Optional trim ring (BG12TR).
  • Spanish versions (FUEGO) available (NBG-12LSP, NBG-12LPSP).
  • Designed to replace the legacy NBG-10 Series.
  • Models  packaged  in  attractive,  clear  plastic  (PVC),  clam- shell-style, Point-of-Purchase  packages. Packaging includes a cutaway dust/paint cover in shape of pull station.
  • Cover,  backplate  and  operation  handle  are  all  molded  of

durable polycarbonate material.

  • Cover features white lettering and trim.
  • Red  color  matches  System  Sensor’s  popular  SpectrAlert® Advance horn/strobe series.



The NBG-12 manual pull stations provide a textured finger-hold area that includes Braille text. In addition to PUSH IN and PULL DOWN text, there are arrows indicating how to operate the sta- tion, provided for non-English-speaking  people.

Pushing in and then pulling down on the handle activates the normally-open alarm switch. Once latched in the down position, the word “ACTIVATED” appears at the top in bright yellow, with a portion of the handle protruding at the bottom as a visible flag. Resetting  the station  is simple:  insert  the key or hex (model dependent), twist one quarter-turn, then open the station’s front cover, causing the spring-loaded  operation handle to return to its original position. The alarm switch can then be reset to its normal (non-alarm)  position  manually  (by hand) or by closing the station’s front cover, which automatically resets the switch.






pull station SB10 SB-I/O WBB WP10


5.500 in. (13.97 cm) 5.500 in. (13.97 cm) 5.601 in. (14.23 cm) 4.25 in. (10.79 cm) 6.000 in. (15.24 cm)


4.121 in. (10.467 cm) 4.125 in. (10.478 cm) 4.222 in. (10.72 cm) 4.25 in. (10.79 cm) 4.690 in. (11.913 cm)


1.390 in. (3.531 cm) 1.375 in. (3.493 cm) 1.439 in. (3.66 cm) 1.75 in. (4.445 cm) 2.000 in. (5.08 cm)




Switch contact ratings: gold-plated; rating 0.25 A @ 30 VAC or VDC. Auxiliary contact circuit (Terminals 3 & 4, NBG-12LA): rated to 3.0 A @ 30 VAC or VDC.


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