ULCAP320 Addressable smoke Detector

ULCAP320 Addressable Smoke Detector

• Soft addressed • Integral short circuit isolator • Single address • Wide range of sensor types • 360° visibility LED using lightpipe technology • Drift compensation • Removable detector chamber • Aesthetically pleasing

Product Description

This range of UL intelligent addressable sensors have been specifically designed to operate with Cooper UL Listed range of intelligent addressable fire systems. The optical sensor (ULCAP320) is suitable for most applications giving the fastest response to slow burning or smouldering fires which give rise to large visible smoke particles. The photo-thermal sensor (ULCAPT340) will respond quickly to fast clean burning fires yet maintain the advantage of optical sensors when detecting smouldering fires. The thermal enhancement of this sensor allows a higher alarm threshold which provides a greater rejection of false alarms. The sensor will also raise an alarm at temperatures exceeding 135°F. The heat sensor (ULCAH330) can be set to one of 3 modes 135°F / 194°F and rate of rise. These sensors are designed to be used in environments where the ambient conditions might cause false alarms if smoke detection were to be used, for example where there is a high level of dust, fumes, steam or smoke under normal conditions.


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