X-Ray Baggage Detector PD-8065

X-ray Baggage Detector PD-8065

X-ray Inspection System
Model: PD-8065
—— Ideal selection for big heavy packages.
—— Typical Steel penetration 34mm

Designed to thwart the cleverest attempts at hiding weapons, drugs, stolen goods and other contraband, PD-8065 X-ray Security System is ideal for screening everything from big size packages to oddly shaped items and palletized loads.

● Tunnel Size:800(Width) *650(Height)mm
● Dimensions: 2380mm(Length) *1180(Width)* 1680mm(Height) mm
● Approximate Gross weight: 900kgs

Excellent system for airport, train station, bus station as well as security-sensitive corporate environments

Product Description

General Specification
● Tunnel Size————————-800(W)*650(H) mm
● Conveyor Speed——————- 0.22m/s
● Conveyor Max Load—————170kg
● Dose per Inspection—————-< 1.6μGy/h
● Resolution—————————< 0.0787mm Copper Wire
● Spatial resolution——————-Level: dia1.3mm, Vertical: dia1.0mm
● Penetrate  resolution————–Dia 0.511mm
● Penetration————————– 34mm Steel
● Film Safety—————————Guarantee ISO1600 Film
● X-ray Leakage———————–<0.1μGy/h (at a distance of 5cm From external housing)

X-ray Generator
● Generate direct————————-Downward
● Generate angle————————-80 degree
● Anode Voltage————————–100~160Kv
●Anode power—————————-0.4 to 1.2mA
● Cooling / Duty Cycle——————Oil Cooling /100%

Image System
● X-ray Sensor————————–L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic) , 12bit Deep
● Monitor——————————–High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 17 inch
● Image Processing——————–Edge enhancement, image strengthening, image lightening,, reducing darkening, image returning, image retrieval.
● Image Grey Level———————4096
Image Max Resolution—————–1024 * 1280 pixel
● Image Processing———————–24bit for processing real time
● Image storage—————————Storage 60000 pictures in real time
● Zones & Zoom————————1-9 Image regions, 2,4,8,16 Times Enlarge, Whole screen continuous observation
● Multi-energetic distinguish objects——-organic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture  in green
● High-energy/low energy———————-switch from high energy to low energy
● Assist to detect drug and explosive powder
Installation Data
● Operation temperature/Humidity—– 0℃-45℃/20%-95%(non-condensing)
● Storage Temperature/Humidity——– -20℃-60℃/20%-95%(non-condensing)
● Operation Power—————————220VAC(±10%)50±3Hz
● Power Consumption———————–1.0 KW (max)
● Noise: ————————————–<58db


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